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Video Game Addiction as a Mental Disorder?

Video game addiction as a mental disorder?

On a weekly basis I see how kids and young adults are affected by playing video games for long hours. Even before this news hit about video game addiction, I was already consulting patients about this issue. I’ve seen patients get so consumed by video games that they isolate themselves to the point where they feel a need to call out of work multiple times a month just to stay home and play. I have helped individuals realize their addiction and how it impacts them. On the other hand you have those individuals who play video games for long periods of time but are still able to manage their responsibilities. I wouldn’t consider that a problem. I think labeling video game addiction as a mental disorder will help those who are addicted to gaming realize their issues. Mental illness can affect an individual’s life in many negative ways. This is because mental illness affects thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and general interactions with the world and oneself. Remember mental illness has a certain set of criteria that need to be met. It’s similar to how there’s a set of criteria meant to diagnose cancer, heart problems or different types of blood disorders. Remember when things feel off or especially challenging in the areas of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and interactions with others, it is time to consider these as early signs of mental illness and to take charge of the situation before it gets worse. It is important to receive professional help in the form of a counselor, therapist, or doctor.

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