• Andree DeCastro

Questions to Consider When Cutting Someone Out of Your Life

In reference to my last blog: “We are currently living in a generation where people are quicker to ghost, cut off or block one another than communicate.” .

Is this a problem? Yes and no.

Not all relationships are worth fighting for, but you would hope that the truly genuine ones can withhold adversity and push you to continuously evolve. Trust your gut, but don't block your best friends, future husband or maid of honor because he/she tells you things like they really are. Lean in. Listen. Communicate. Set healthy boundaries.

Acquaintances tell you what you want to hear. True friends tell you what you need to hear, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s not them, it’s you.

Those who spend their time looking for the fault in others, usually spend no time to correct their own. This may lead to unstable relationships, an inability to empathize and to understand that not everyone is perfect. These people need to do inner work. .


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