• Andree DeCastro


This past summer I have been sitting around 14th st and union square once a week offering people free advice. The reason I decided to do this is because as a therapist I never give advice. When it comes to therapy people believe the misconception that therapists are meant to give people advice. The truth is that therapy is a tool used to empower individuals to make their own decisions in their lives. Giving advice as a therapist can encumber us because then the client’s problems become our responsibilities. The typical “you told me to do this, now look what happened” can occur. . I wanted to feel what it is like to actually give advice. So I decided to give advice to random people lol. I realized even though I was only trying to offer free advice, it automatically became like a therapy session. I still wanted the individuals to become empowered and at the same time give them my two cents on their decisions. This was a great experience because I learned more about New Yorkers and their problems. I also had foreigners open up to me about how life is back home and the challenges they face. I feel like a lot of people liked the advice I offered. I hope each individual heeds my advice and appreciates the wisdom we shared. I did this for my own experience and to understand more about how people work, their motives and to experience how giving direct advice feels. (Also for them tips 🤫) . Most people that came up to me wanted advice on relationships and people they had just met in the city. I guess it is a hot girl and city boy summer

. . I want to thank all of the beautiful New Yorkers and even foreigners I met so far this past summer. I felt so many different types of energies and vibes doing this. Some were creepy and others were fun lol. I will be here on Mondays. Come share some wisdom with me and don’t forget your free advice !


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